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Work supervision We offer the following services: construction of infrastructure, housing developments, earthworks, pavements, platforms, dirt roads, parks and gardens, embankments, bridges, canals, call us and we will gladly quote the services that you require. Updating blueprints We offer blueprint upgrade services for existing buildings, if you have a property you need to remodel, adapt or simply requires that its blueprints are updated for changes that were during some time, you can contact us and we will give you quick and professional solutions. Aerial photos Aerial photos are pictures of the Earth's surface taken from airplanes, satellites, helicopters or drones, to a certain height. These help multiple topographical, botanical, geological, and mapping studies. Aerial photos are a tool used for creating terrain measurements such as generating charts (maps) with topographic contour lines, assessment of urban sprawl growth, and measurements of the terrain (photogrammetry). It is obtained by mounting a special camera on a drone and flying it across the ground, at the end of this capture, the image is processed and the studies of photo interpretation and photogrammetry are made for creating maps. Today they are also using satellite images to perform the same process but using computer programs (such as geographic information systems). We have this service through unmanned drones, handled from the ground so we can make these studies serve photographic studies for blogging reports in the area of construction.